Core Features

Browse Memberships

The users can browse through the memberships being offered by the restaurant. Each membership lists the details of the benefits of that membership. The customers can select the membership most suitable to them.

In app purchase

The customers can pay for the selected memberships within the App. On Android Phones, the payment can be completed using Google Pay. Similarly, on iPhone, Apple pay can be used to make the payment. Once the payment is completed, the restaurant database is updated with the member details of the user and generate a bar code on the app.

Bar code generation

Based on the membership opted by the customer, the mobile app generated a unique bar-code which can be scanned at the restaurant for the member to avail the membership benefits.

Extra Features

Membership renewal reminder

The mobile apps notify the member to renew their membership with the restaurant so that they can enjoy continued benefits of their membership.


The Android application is developed in Java and used Android SDK & Google Pay APIs. The iOS application is developed in Swift and has Apple Pay integration