Core Features

Create teams

The users can view the list of upcoming matches & the corresponding leagues. They can create teams for the matches of their interest and take part in live cash leagues. The users can create up to 4 teams per match & join as many leagues as he/she desires.

Real time points system

While the match is live, users can view the points of their teams and compare themselves against other users. The points are updated in real time as per the player's performance in the match. The users can also preview teams of their competitors.

Wallet manager

The players can use the Payment Gateway in the application to add money to their wallet. Their winnings are also added to the wallet and the user can withdraw their money as and when he desires.

Extra Features


The users can invite their friends to use the application and get rewarded for the same

Push notifications

The application has Push notifications integrated so that the users can be notified of any updates about any offers and promotions by the client

App analytics

Both Android & iOS mobile applications have app analytics integrated within so that the product managers can view and analyze the user behavior on the apps. This information is vital in order to decide the upcoming features of the application