Smart Geyser Mobile Apps

Mobile app to control Smart Geyser

Havells India has launched smart Geyser in Indian market. The applications developed by BizBrolly lets user control the smart geyser as per his requirement. Using the app, the user can switch the geyser on or off, control the temperature of the geyser. The app is powered with enhanced features such setting timer and setting recurring or one time schedule for the geyser to follow. The apps are available on both Play store and App store and can be used on both Android & iOS phones/tablets

Core Features

WiFi https

The applications connect with the Geyser via WiFi https protocol which allows the device can stay connected with the internet via router at all times. This capability allows for remote access of the device using the apps.

Geyser Control

The key feature of the application is to give users control of the geyser via their smart phones. The users can view the current state of the geyser, control its state & set its temperature.

Scheduling & Timer

The application provides features which gives users option to set one time or recurring schedule for the geyser. The user can also set customer timer so that the geyser switches off after set number of hours.

Extra Features

Share network

The user can give access of his geyser(s) to his friends and family. This important features saves them the trouble to set up the same network again. The share network features comes in handy in case of multiple geysers and in hospitality settings.

Push notifciations

The user is notified on their smart phone when the geyser reaches the temperature set by the user. A critical feature which informs the user that the water is heated to the desired temperature and ready for use.


Android SDK, iOS SDK, Java, Objective-C, WiFi https