Core Features

Aggregation of Payment Gateways

The front payment gateway has multiple payment gateways integrated so that the risk of their merchants can be hedged and the solution can offer a continuity of solution.

Interface with banks for e-checks

The Informatico solution offers users to make payments using e-checks and the same is integrated with banks.

Smart reports in Admin

The admin provides the business owner with key reports such as Sales reports, Refund reports etc. These reports can be filtered based on merchants, dates etc.

Extra Features

Merchant management in Admin

The admin can on-board new merchants, edit or block existing merchants. The access control of each merchant can be managed along with the fee percentages for any specific merchant.

Complaint management in Admin

The admin can view and manage the complaints raised by users or merchants. This allows the admin to respond to issues and concerns of the solution users.


The Informatico solution is built on ASP .net with SQL server for database management. More than 10 different payment gateways have been integrated in this solution.