Core Features

Request Chiropractic Appointments

Registered users can enter a current location or future location where they would like your chiropractor to come for the visit. An immediate appointment can be requested or up to 7 days in advance.  The request is sent to available doctors in Uber like round robin fashion until one of the chiropractors accepts the request. An appointment confirmation is sent to user via push notification.

Handle All Payments & Payment history.

The payment for the appointment can be made by the user within the mobile app. The Stripe payment gateway is integrated on the apps so the users can pay using any of the digital payment methods. The user and the chiropractor view the history of their transactions made on the GoChyro Platform.

Perform Doctor Exams

The doctors can create the record of thy Exam using the questionnaire and the visual aids provided on the mobile application. The visual aid can be used to identify the exact location of pain of patient.

Extra Features

HIPPA Compliance

Since GoChyro is available in USA, the mobile application follows vigorous industry standards in following all HIPPA requirements in protecting users’ PHI (protected health information).


At the end of each exam, the patient signs their contract. The patient records are maintained within the GoChyro solution and can be referred to in future.

Appointment cancellation & Reschedule

In case of any change in availability of patient, they can chose to either cancel or reschedule the appointment.