Core Features

Skill based routing

Any technical issue in the classroom can be raised with just one click of a button. This issues is then redirected to the relevant technicians based on their skills registered with the apps. Like Uber, each issue is broadcasted to all on-site technicians and can be accepted by any one.

Monitoring ETA & live status

The ETA of the technician can be monitored on the app and the user also gets to view the current status of the issue.

Push Notifications

The technicians are notified of new tickets via push notifications and once the ticket is accepted by one, it is redacted from the other technicians. The user also gets notified about acceptance of the issue using push notifications. The push notifications are integrated on the website as well.

Extra Features

Issue & technician's history

The application shows user the technician’s performance history in easy to interpret graphical format. The user also gets access to their issue history.

Technician interface

The app can also be accessed by the technicians using their credentials. The technician get notified on latest issues matching their skills and they can accept of reject the issues based on their availability.


Android SDK, iOS SDK, Java, Objective-C, Urban Airship