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Why Should Mobile App Startups Choose Flutter?

Why Should Mobile App Startups Choose Flutter?

A number of startups or bootstrappers which are unsure of the direction in which to proceed ask the above question before launching a mobile app. You can’t entirely blame them, too- one wrong foot can put the startup out of business before a blink. What’s worse, it will become part of a statistic that states that 90% of startups failed that year.

One of the main dilemmas faced by developers and startups while looking to develop mobile apps for new customers is to choose between native and cross-platform applications. Flutter is highly suitable for cross platform mobile app development in the present and the future. However, it is important to know here what Flutter is, how it works, as well as its benefits. 

What is Flutter?

Flutter is the name of an SDK (Software Development Kit) which has a very high quality of techniques and tools for cutting edge mobile app development. This powerful platform has been backed by Google and is based on the software giant’s Dart language. It has tremendous potential to develop reliable and powerful mobile apps across platforms. 

Benefits of App Development with Flutter

  1. It can develop iOS and Android apps simultaneously
  2. It uses lesser coding than other platforms
  3. It is highly suitable for the MVP structure
  4. It has a number of convenient widgets
  5. It can create prototypes at a rapid rate

Benefits of app development with Flutter

The above benefits help attract both app developers and business owners. On a long term basis, here are its advantages:

  • Low testing time

It takes lesser time to test and qualify one application on a single codebase than two or more apps on different platforms and different codebases

  • Highly efficient and effective

Apps developed using Flutter takes less time to create, and so developers are effective throughout the process. Thus, software developers are able to wrap up the process faster than earlier. As a result, the mobile app can be ready for the market quickly and give entrepreneurs more time to market it. Developers can make use of the code libraries and the predesigned tools on the Flutter platform, making the task highly efficient.   

  • Low cost of development

When lesser apps are developed, the cost of development is automatically lowered. Native app development costs a lot more than cross platform development. 

  • Easy to develop

With a single codebase platform, a wide community of developers, and code libraries, it can be used to develop mobile apps easily. Design tools by Google have made it really convenient for software developers. 

How can Flutter help startups?

Flutter, as a platform, is highly suitable for both small businesses and startups. Here’s how:

  • Keeps the entrepreneurial spirit high

Entrepreneurship is entirely based on the powers of efficacy and initiation. By being productive and efficient, Flutter helps businesses balance the continual approach and growth, thereby making it easier for entrepreneurs to work on several things.   

  • Support from Firebase

The massive storage needs and space of the Flutter platform are met by the Google-backed Firebase. With excellent real-time database management services, powerful cloud storage, hosting, and authentication facilities. Firebase provides an excellent backend. This allows Flutter to fulfill the needs of an entire business. Firebase can be automated easily by developers and provides the fuel for regular service deliveries. 

  • Flutter applications in the future

Google is said to be working on a new platform called Fuchsia, which is said to be one of the hottest trending topics in the tech world. The best part here is that it will be based on Flutter. While relying on Flutter for basic codes and designs, it will become the center for the ‘Internet of Things’. Also known as IoT, this will be extremely important for businesses in the future.   

Startups are always searching for the best platforms to develop mobile apps that can deliver positive results. One such platform is Flutter, which is also backed by major global players such as Alibaba, Hamilton Musical, Tencent, and others. As a result, it established a name for itself in the highly competitive tech arena by virtue of its excellent performance. 

Several experts in the business and the tech world believe that Flutter is an excellent choice for developing powerful yet intuitive mobile applications. All the software developers well versed with Java and JavaScript will face no challenges in following the Dart language. Due to the wonderful tutorial guides, even app developers with relatively little experience can use it in a hassle-free manner. 

At present, there are a total of 1.84 million apps and 2.7 million apps in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, respectively. Mobile app development has clearly become a necessity for businesses of all sizes, and that is where cross platform development is the most suitable.   

Why Should Mobile App Startups Choose Flutter?

Flutter is an open source.

One of the greatest advantages of using Flutter in startups is that it is open source. It can work with existing code and is completely free. Developers use it to get to more users through a single investment. Irrespective of how complex the development project is, developers can use the wonderful material design, which includes Cupertino widgets, rich motion APIs, and more. By virtue of being open source, it offers countless design options. Since Flutter is open source, startups do not have to pay license fees associated with an SDK. Developers can reuse the codes to develop apps for any other platform without having large teams. In other words, this is a win-win situation for a startup that can save both money and time.

If you are still not convinced about Flutter for mobile app development in the startup space, here are some more points:

  1. It comes with a Hot Reload feature with which the app development process is speeded up. Developers are able to witness coding changes on a real-time basis here. 
  2. The Flutter framework supports diverse IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) like Android Code, XCode, and Visual Studio Code.
  3. It comes with a highly efficient and portable GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) through which it can work on a number of interfaces.
  4. There are very few chances of bugs in coding as a single codebase is utilized for both iOS and Android platforms. 

How does a mobile app stand out in the industry?

At present, roughly 3.5 billion tablets and smartphones are being used in the world. Look around you, and it is easy enough to spot the exponential rate at which the mobile app industry is growing. Also, there are a huge number of startups being formed on a daily basis, and almost all of these require mobile app development services. Flutter helps a startup-based mobile app gain the following advantages:

  • Highly interactive designs

Any startup can attract the wealthiest investors with the help of excellent designs. Flutter has a very high number of interactive designs, animations, motion graphics, UI features, and much more which can engage a user for hours.  

  • Powerful backend

As mentioned above, Firebase is the mobile platform by Google, which provides numerous services like cloud storage and real-time hosting. Such backend support is very important for the success of any startup.

  • Highly affordable

Startups are always challenged when it comes to monetary resources, and so they are always searching for the most affordable solutions in the market. They want options that do not end up burning holes in entrepreneurial pockets. When your apps require a single codebase, you do not need to hire two different types of specialized engineers, which will help you save money.  

Examples of great apps created through Flutter

  • Hookle

This cutting edge app is a social media manager to help small businesses. Through this, you can prepare, manage, as well as scheduling social media posts. It also provides track features for received engagement. Activities across all social media can be viewed at a single glance with it. You also have the option to customize posts on various social media channels. 

  • KenKen

New York Times is a highly popular and reputed newspaper for independent journalism, with its own app as well. Its app contains the Ken Ken puzzle, which has been created using Flutter. KenKen is available on iOS, Windows, Mac, the web, and Android. 

  • Reflectly

This is the name of a diary and personal journal that works with the use of Artificial Intelligence. It is meant to help an individual deal with negative thoughts, talk about the science of well being, and also make positivity sound louder. This award winning app has also been created using Flutter and was once featured as ‘App of the day’ on the Apple Store.

Google Trends has reported that Flutter is the second most popular leading language, closely followed by React Native for the development of cross platform mobile apps in 2020. Since Google already has the best technologies in the market, this has enabled a number of companies to trust Flutter. See the productivity of your developer go up ten-fold with this SDK. 

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