Why Opt CRM to Accelerate Your Business Growth


Talking about the needs, what could be more beneficial for your business to achieve the set sales targets? According to a study, it was found that on average 2/3 people of sales team fails to achieve their sales target. Approximately, 78% of salespeople are unable to meet their targets just because they didn’t use CRM. In spite of this, not all salespeople seem to be prepared to use CRM for their daily sales tasks. They even, don’t think much about the value of CRM, and surprisingly their number is high. Here, we will be introducing the benefits of CRM in the daily sales routine.

Nowadays, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are being used for monitoring and optimizing sales in businesses. For salespeople, it’s revolutionary where they see CRM as another tool to track their work.  Although there is a plethora of CRM, but the core features like – central storage of sales data, and easy-to-follow format allow sales managers to monitor the sales processes efficiently. In this section, our prime objective is to shed light on some key points to unlock your sales potential with CRM.

Sales play a very pivotal role in your business growth. It builds loyalty and trust between customers and businesses. We shouldn’t take it lightly & must keep inserting something valuable to raise the sales. Every business whether it’s small, mid, or large, always uses different sets of strategies to bridge the gap between potential customer’s needs and products/services.

According to the latest statistics, it’s surprising to know that usage of mobile CRM has been increased up to 87%. These CRMs are helping salespeople to achieve their targets in minimum effort. It allows them to optimize their daily schedules, prioritize tasks, and establish contact with customers. If we go in-depth, we find that CRM manages several things like – contact management, sales management, and agent productivity. 

How CRM can be Beneficial for Sales People  

Salespeople can encounter several problems if they don’t use CRM technology. They can face the challenges like – follow up leads, prioritize their sales activities, and making the lead qualify. CRM is advantageous for them to handle all these issues without glitches. Let’s have a quick overview of CRM benefits for increasing sales in your business.

  • Plan and Manage Time  

CRM works Great! It helps salespeople to plan their meetings with customers. As well as optimizing their daily schedules. It saves time for both – customers and salespeople. If everything is fine, then there are good chances of maximum deals closed and building a stronger customer base.

  •  Streamline The Sales Cycle  

It’s another BIG advantage of CRM, helping the sales team to achieve their target in minimum time. Everything like – order processing, preparing quotes, etc. is automated therefore manual effort reduces. All this would increase the sales revenue.

  •  Reduces Admin Tasks  

Some repetitive tasks lots of time that involve too much manual effort as well. In order to deal with this problem, CRM applications are quite good. This reduces the majority of admin tasks for the sales team. That’s why the sales team is capable to utilize their valuable time in performing another task, and it yields. It stores products and price details and triggers reminders for activities.

  • Save Money  

CRM systems can be bought after paying a given amount, these are not free. But even after this, CRM helps you a lot in saving your money. These systems can reduce the chances of mistakes/errors which might be costlier for you if you ignore them. This also reduces the efforts of the sales team.

  • Track Communications & Records  

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system keeps records of all communication done by customers. It makes it easier for salespeople to know what actually their customers want.  They can find out reasons for which their customers contacted them such as for – product replacement, renewal, purchasing of new products and services, etc. Collectively, it would increase the sales & make your business more profitable.

  • Keeps You Update  

CRM provides you many features like calendars and document sharing that enables you and your team to know about what’s happening. They will be well aware of selling, process, and shared documents. This will further increase the communication between the sales team, management and customers.

  •  Good Reporting  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system enabled with Reporting helps sales team to prepare all sorts of team i.e. weekly or monthly. All this they can share with management within the quickest span of time. Furthermore, it’s automated. Just a few clicks and you can inform your superiors or colleagues.

  •  Centrally Stored Data 

It’s one of the best features of CRM, where the sales team can store customers/sales data – safely and centrally. At any point in time, the team can access the data. It can explore the sales opportunities, activities, and scheduled plans.

Now we don’t need to explain more, the above-mentioned features are self-explanatory. You’ve gone familiar – why do you need CRM to boost your sales?


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