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Essential Strategy For Ranking Website Quickly 2020


The term SEO “search engine optimization” is common in the tech world, and most of us are familiar with this.  However, not everyone understands what exactly we do in SEO or what could be the possible essential strategy for improving the website ranking in 2020. World’s IT companies who are involved in Digital marketing services always keep focusing on SEO for organic search results. Let’s have a quick glance on website ranking tips that will help you to boost your website rank.

Search engine ranking is worth important for business websites, as their growth relies maximum on the ranking on Google, yahoo and bing search engines. If your website holds a good position in SERPs, then there are good chances of having huge traffic.  

Therefore, if you’re entirely dependent on the people to find your website with the help of Google Search then SEO can be good enough to drive intended results.  Statistics reveal that more than 90% of searches begin with search engines if you don’t appear on the top, it might be possible that you would lose one-third of traffic.  Top results have greater chances of clicking. Therefore, many websites endeavor to improve their SEO,  so as to appear on the first page, and on the top.

Now the question arises what could be the best possible ways to get top rank in search results.  Here we’ll discuss a few tips and strategies that can make your effort a success.

Best Approaches That Will Add Value to Digital Marketing Services  (SEO)

In the given article we’ll explain the best SEO strategy that is prevailing to boost the traffic on your website as well as for businesses it will increase sales and revenue.

Page load speed

Page load speed is the most important factor, as Google recognizes this very soon & impacts on the ranking.  Moreover, a slow website does leave a good impression on the visitors and visitor engagement gets poor,  consequently, negative interaction can produce adverse effects on the ranking. According to a study, it was found that more than 45% of visitors abandon websites if it takes more than 3 seconds to load,  and out of the 80% don’t return back.  There are a few online websites where you can check the speed of your website.

Optimize Images

Images and pictures are also important for your website’s ranking. A cluster of images with larger size and inappropriate file format may lead to slow down of your page load time, that result in poor user experience. And worst for your website’s ranking. In order to avoid this situation, you should compress the images or better optimize to get the best results. Besides this you may provide an appropriate title to your image, that should resemble keywords.

Header Tags

It’s good practice to write content in the heading format, as this improves the user’s experience to the next level. And it seems to be a more appealing and engaging one. In the WordPress website, there are inbuilt features to add header tags for blog posts and websites. In website ranking tips, header tags play a vital role in making your website engaging and to achieve a better rank.

Start Blogging

Blogging always adds value to your business, and is good for lead generation as well as engaging more visitors to the website. However, it’s good in terms of keyword insertion as well as producing fresh and updated content. Google recognizes regular updates as an activity on the website.  Moreover, it helps in link building and increases readability. It produces positive effects on the search engine ranking. While offering digital marketing services – SEO experts try to keep their focus on blogging and consider it as the best SEO practice for obtaining early & good results.

Internal Links / Citation

Internal link building is a good practice, as it redirects users to other pages of your website if the user clicks on the respective link. Or wish to know more about it. This approach is pretty much effective and result-oriented. This keeps users on the website for a longer duration. The best SEO strategy always tends to concentrate on internal as well as external links. Both are equally important and credited by Google while allowing rank to your website.

Use Media, Video, Images

Besides the texts, there should be an attractive multimedia gallery, such as slideshows, videos,  as well as audio to enhance the user experience to the next level. Videos leave a good impression on the visitors, so having a video on a website can enhance the page rank. Moreover, videos have shown a great impact on advertisement and marketing. Videos are great for turning users’ attention to the content that you want to deliver. These features add value to the website as well as increase the amount of time that visitors spend on the website. This means it makes sense and correlates with SEO ranking improvement.

 Site is User-Friendly

To keep the audience attached to the website it’s mandatory that everything on the website either it’s image, text, or searching everything should be easy to use and must be in readable condition.  In the context of the content, it should be simple and easy to understand. It prompts the user to stay for a long duration.

Find Broken Links

If you stick to adopting the Best SEO strategy, then you can’t ignore the significance of broken links. As these links produce negative effects on the website as these dead links impose barriers for search engine spiders. Sometimes when users want to read or visit the page, the broken links restrict them to go to the clicked page or navigated page. Therefore, it’s good to find out the broken links and try to fix them as soon as possible to avoid any further hurt to search ranking.

Optimize site for Mobile Device

As of today, most of the users check the websites on their smartphones or mobile devices. Therefore it’s mandatory to ensure that your website is responsive to these devices. According to research, it was concluded that 70% of searches come from mobile devices. If the website is not properly optimized then it would definitely impact the overall ranking. Users will not visit the website, due to misaligned content, tabs, menu, search, etc.

Content Management & Page Format

Content is the backbone of the overall SEO strategy. Its importance cannot be denied, from information to keywords everything is included in content management. The page format and home page design should be user friendly and must have appealing content.


Backlinks have their own significance while practicing the best SEO strategy, as these links direct towards your own website. It’s considered that Google search engines offer more credit to the backlinks. But the most important point that we should keep in mind that backlinks should be of “Quality”.

BizBrolly is a Brand technology company majorly known for its powerful mobile apps & websites. We are also well recognized for Digital Marketing Services to leverage your branding, advertising and increasing sales & growth of businesses. Our team of SEO experts strives to escalate your business to the next level by implementing perfect search engine optimization practices. We assure you that within the quickest span of time your website will lead by leaving your competitors behind.  Our SEO strategy helps in increasing organic visibility, quality traffic, and sales.  We analyze your website and suggest key parameters to improve your website and rank better in Google search engine rankings as well as in Yahoo & Bing Search Engines. Our SEO specialists strive to provide you with a wide array of website ranking tips that will help to increase the revenue of your business.


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