OTT Video App Development: Types, Market, & Cost

OTT Video App Development: Types, Market, & Cost

OTT stands for “over-the-top” and refers to the delivery of video content over the internet, bypassing traditional cable and satellite TV providers. It allows users to access video content directly through their devices without needing a cable or satellite subscription. OTT services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering users a wide variety of TV shows, movies, and other video content on demand. Users can download an OTT app on their devices, such as a smart TV, tablet, or smartphone, and access the content through a stable internet connection.

Types of OTT Services

  • Video
  • Audio
  • VoIP
  • Messaging


The video OTT segment has emerged as the forefront of OTT services and is the main focus of our article today. It is a promising area for businesses to explore due to its large market size and increasing popularity in the entertainment industry. We are fascinated by the level of attention it has been receiving and how it is drawing in more and more people on a daily basis. When examining its contributions to the entertainment industry, it becomes evident why it is such a captivating topic to delve into.

OTT Market Share

Particularly because the Netflix disruption is huge and is constantly growing. This is responding to how movie streaming apps are changing the definition of the entertainment sector. You can now feel the magnitude of its dominance with these figures –
There are more than 200 OTT suppliers in the U.S. (Digiday).
Beginning in 2019 there will be 182 million OTT members who use membership video services across the U.S. (eMarketer).
Half of OTT users (over 18 years of age) utilize only one OTT service.
Worldwide OTT revenues will be 129 billion in 2023, and $47.8 billion within the U.S. (Multichannel).
Highlights of OTT Video Apps
Some OTT video apps development are as follows:

1. Multilingual Content

Expanding your business beyond geographical boundaries and catering to a diverse user base requires providing multilingual content. It is essential to offer video content in languages other than English to reach a wider audience. Netflix experienced significant growth by incorporating this strategy, gaining over a million users and a boost in video streaming hours exceeding 150 million.

2. Search

It is essential for OTT streaming platforms to provide a search function that is easily recognizable for users of all ages. Additionally, it is recommended to offer a diverse range of genres in the search drop-down menu.

3. User Profile

One aspect of your application that should be a straightforward decision is implementing a user profile feature. This feature would allow users to manage their own section of the application, including their preferred content, payment options, and recommendations based on their viewing history. Additionally, if you plan to expand the user base, it would be beneficial to include multiple screens in the application, each with its own set of features tailored to individual users.

4. Watchlist

Another must-have feature that is part of OTT video streaming app includes the feature of watching lists. Additionally, it is where users record things they would like to watch in the future. Therefore, one method to keep them informed about this aspect of the application is to use a notification tool that will remind them to look over the sequence.

5. Social Features

If you contact any reliable OTT application development firm, they will inform you of the social features. They are a crucial component of the OTT experience. Therefore, they make an app shareable and help in reaching the goal of a daily dynamic user. Thus. it is recommended that you provide your users the option to share their views through social media and their own system. In addition, there should be a login for the social media system to facilitate onboarding.

6. Screen Mirroring

In the industry of entertainment in order to increase user engagement screen, mirroring is a valuable feature. Therefore, your user is able to access the application using screens that are not their mobile apps. Such as their computer or television and so on. There are two options to make this feature work and make your OTT application to mobile as well as TV devices.

What Amount Does the OTT Video App Cost?

So, the estimate of OTT video app development such as Netflix or Hulu cost is based on different elements:
The features that you’re including in the application
The platforms that the application will run.
The location of your partner in the development of your application.
A dreadful ballpark estimate of the OTT cost of development for applications will be in the range of USD 150K-$200K. It is at this moment to define the features and render. Additionally, there’s only one more thing to do make contact with the top OTT application specialists and get your app designed and launched.

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