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Avoid The Biggest Mobile Game App Launch Mistakes

Mobile App Launch Mistakes

Do you have a mobile game app, and you’re willing to launch it? But feeling reluctant as you don’t have any idea “how to launch a mobile game app successfully”. There are chances of mistakes which are obviously common things, but sometimes it could be costlier. Here we will share a few basic tips which will help you to avoid these biggest mobile game app launch mistakes.

Mobile Game App Development Company focuses on building a seamless, user-friendly and fun-oriented mobile game app. They strive to hire the best android game developers or iOS mobile game app developers with cutting-edge technologies. As the gaming industry is booming and expected to touch an unbelievable mark by 2025. Therefore, it’s mandatory to keep an eye on everything (do and don’t) while launching the mobile game app.

There are various types of gaming apps for computers, tablets, and smartphones that come in different sets of genres including sports, adventure, racing, puzzle,  role-playing games, etc. A few mobile game apps can be played on different platforms besides android and iOS-based smartphones. It’s quite easy to download apps on Google Play store & Apple Store if you have android & iOS phones respectively.

After a short briefing, where we’ll see what are common mistakes we should avoid whenever we go with the mobile game app launch.


Get your Audience

Before launching a mobile game app you should find out the industry as well as an appropriate audience. It would give you an idea of market size, gaming app trends, and the quality of apps your audience is expected to use. Customer satisfaction, pricing, and competitors’ apps are worth important, giving you a clear idea of how to monetize the app, and encouraging you to make an informed decision.


Well Prepared Landing Page

Landing pages for mobile apps have their own significance in engaging the customers, and it would be a good practice to make it as early as possible. Most probably 2-3 months prior to launch. Mobile app developers work hard in making mobile games, and even after this amidst fierce competition, they seem to be in a trench. In order to combat this situation, the mobile app must have an engaging landing page

Create Mockups

Mockups are always important in showing all interesting design features that you’re planning for your app. There are various mockups templates are available in the market, which will certainly help you to create alluring mobile app design. 

Design template

Your app design should be user-friendly in terms of UI and UX. Most of the mobile game designers use different types of tools while designing the mobile app. Meanwhile, it could be expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, we should opt for free choices that are good in quality and the potential to accomplish your aspirations. But in case you wish something unique, there are certain tools such as Sketch,, Origami Studio which are pretty much useful for UX design. 



A perfect coding helps to deliver a bug-free and seamless mobile app. Different technologies play a vital role while building native, hybrid or cross-platform mobile game apps. In the case of making android mobile apps –  java and Kotlin are worth import. While building iOS-based mobile apps, Swift and Objective-C are good choices. Although objective – C is a legacy one. In today’s scenario, to keep yourself ahead of the competition it would be better to use Swift.

It’s an advanced, clear, and fast-evolving programming language. Therefore before proceeding ahead with an app idea, you should be very clear about what type of technology you’re going to use for making a mobile game app.  In later stages, there would not be a point of return, or if it could be costlier.

Marketing your app

You should have a well-planned marketing strategy to make your app popular among the gaming community. You should plan it before launching a mobile app and continue for a long time after the launch. Marketing activities will be like a pitch to prospective users. Paid strategy can be worth important as it can bring significant changes in the performance, and increase the download in a short span of time. Paid advertising services will help to engage more customers in a short period of time. Most of the companies availing these services to make their app popular among the people.


User Feedback

Real user feedback always matters, it provides you an opportunity to enhance the features of your mobile app. It helps to analyze the appropriate qualitative data and ensure better user experience. This can be done in various ways such as by sending emails. The above-mentioned practices will certainly help to avoid a single mistake of the game app launch.

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