Mobile App Development Trends Dominate in 2020

mobile ap development trends 2020

Globally, we see the ever-present influence of smartphones; therefore, it’s necessary to know about Mobile App Development & its trends in 2020. Our day-to-day lifestyle has changed to a great extent after the emergence of smartphone technology, and it has become an integral part of our daily activities. 

Smartphones are playing a vital role in the enhancement of business growth were myriads of technologies are also becoming a necessity. It can boost brand awareness, increase sales growth, easy to manage and user-friendly.

According to a survey on mobile apps, it was found that it would generate approximately $189 billion in revenue in 2020. Let’s have a cursory eye on few points:

  • Today Apple App Store offers you numerous mobile apps in different domains where the count is 2.2 million apps. On the other side, Google Play store provides you with 2.8 million Apps.
  • 21% youngster, uses an app 45+ times/day and 49% smartphone users open an app 12+ times/day

Now we must take note of possible mobile app trends 2020 that can escalate the business world to the next level. It also can provide something new and innovative for us.

In the year 2019, we have seen drastic changes in mobile app technology, especially in terms of AI mobile applications and IOT. Now it’s time to explore more about these and need to understand what could be the possible benefits.

Mobile Technology Trends 2020 – Ready to Transform the Business World

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – Innovative Mobile Technologies

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is playing a big role in different sectors and considered as the fourth industrial revolution in the human race. It’s changing our world at a rapid pace. It’s quite helpful in teaching various languages in a more personalized way. It has great potential to provide excellent outcomes in healthcare sectors, where it has the ability to minimize diagnostic and therapeutic error. It facilitates self-correcting ability and auto-update of necessary medical information. Patients can get the quickest, accurate and safe remedy.  

Integration with IoT (Internet of Things) Apps, analyzing the user’s behavior, adding value by automation of office functions, smart camera integration identifications, etc. are few examples of implementation of AI. 

Moreover, ML (Machine Learning) is another game-changer, where it can serve better to solve business complexities and allows you to predict customer behaviors. It’s good for improving business scalability and operations. The companies can access financial analysis and better cybersecurity after the insertion of ML.

Beacon Technology 

Beacon technology is transforming businesses to a great extent. Based on the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) concept, these are beneficial to broadcast the advertisement packets or information. If you enter the Beacon Zone, the app immediately identifies the signals and starts sending notifications and necessary information.

It’s quite useful in every business domain. Today, the healthcare sector is using beacons to improve service quality. In mobile app development, Apple’s iBeacon and Google’s Eddystone are the best known.

In the year 2020, you’ll see the advantages of Beacon technology, and it would be one of the foremost mobile apps trends 2020 providing – Beacon enabled mobile games, payment modes, travel, and tourism, etc.

Internet Of Things

Internet of things (IoT) Apps are growing and much popular today. They are creating their own space in our lifestyle and making it more cozy and relaxed. Not only, it’s beneficial to our house but also for our office. In order to use the IOT technology efficiently, you just need to install an IoT app in your smart and control whatever you want. IoT items include IoT powered lock systems, lighting, air conditioning, doorbell, etc. 

Big Giants are investing and seeing the future in this technology, and it’s expected that IoT devices will make lifestyle much easier. IoT App Development will be one of the most popular mobile technology trends.

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are no longer a new name and continuously alluring to the youngsters, adults, and millennials. In the last three years, they have made their presence in the market where you’ll find various wearable technology-enabled devices such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, heart rate monitoring, GPS Tracking, etc.

If you’re unaware of How wearable devices work? Then you should note that these are sensor-enabled devices. And these track motion, heart activity, and muscle activity. After this, all the data can be monitored by the mobile help app installed on your smartphone.

Mobile App Development Company

Globally, top-notch mobile app companies are working assiduously to create an awesome mobile app to make your life much easier. They are using growing and innovative mobile technologies to make tasks easy for your business and you.

Our continuous efforts and excellence in ML and AI, IoT Apps, Beacons Apps. and In Wearable Device Mobile Apps keep us ahead of competitors. We’re recognized as one of the leading brands in Mobile App Development, and known for creating apps based on mobile technology trends.

We understand what should be implemented to grow business successfully in the zone of fierce competition. Therefore our team of passionate mobile app developers and designers work hard to achieve the desired goals. An in-depth analysis of customer requirements, market and user’s behavior makes us unable to create powerful mobile apps to cater to all business needs.

On-Demand Mobile Apps

The year 2020, will be dedicated to different types of mobile apps, especially for food delivery apps, taxi apps, sports, e-commerce, fashion apps, etc. We are all familiar with such kinds of technology cum business-oriented mobile apps. Ready to provide you hassle-free services with the utmost security and features. In the mobile world, apps have their own significance as they are good for increasing sales, promote brands, and most accessible to every group of users. Smartphones have covered its range from rural to urban areas. Today big companies strive to provide on-demand apps due to their popularity. On-demand mobile app development always brings positive changes in the society and business world; therefore falls in mobile app trends 2020. The following will be the trending on-demand apps, including domestic, laundry, salon, babysitting service apps.

Hopefully, you’ve gone familiar with various types of innovative mobile technologies and apps that will be demanded in the year 2020.

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