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How To Increase Shopping Web Conversion Rates?

how to increase conversion rate

Everyone would be familiar with e-commerce online shopping stores. If you’re an online business doer or wanna sell your product then it might be challenging for you how to increase the shopping conversion rates. In this article, we’ll know about the effect of conversion rate and average eCommerce conversion rate.

Probably you may own an e-commerce website along with its mobile app and are willing to know how to attract more customers and compel them to buy desirable products. Here we’ll introduce a few basic and advanced tips that would be helpful to increase the conversion rate. 


At online stores, you can buy fashion & luxury items, electronics appliances, services and almost everything you need. Shopping online has become more easy, practical and comfortable. Saving your time and money to a great extent. Small business owners to customers, everyone is enjoying this transformation of buying and selling of products.

In the last decade, online e-commerce business has been pacifying, and around 91% of American shops online whereas in India around 329.1 million people are expected to buy goods and services by online mode. However, the situation becomes more strenuous when we see the competition figure. Many e-commerce companies are doing their business in India, and for new ones, it’s a tough deal to compete with them.

Now let’s discuss actionable tips to generate conversion will try to have a glimpse of the average eCommerce conversion rate.

Factors Can Impact e-commerce conversion rate in 2020

A list of tips & points will explore what we can do to increase conversion rates. Every business seeks to convert traffic into sales, therefore possible efforts are made. In such a scenario the following points are worthwhile to understand the e-commerce conversion rate in 2020.

1- Visually Appealing and Persuasive Design

If your eCommerce website or mobile app is not enough to capture the attention of the user, then it’s worthless. It would not engage & unable to build trust among the users. Even if you’re moving forward with the other tactics, but genuinely it would not make much difference as you think. Visually appealing and persuasive designs always ensure the brand’s voice and draw visitor’s attention to essential key elements.

2- Simple and Easy Navigation

Very clean and easy navigation helps users to use the site hassle-freely. In case the navigation is not proper, users might feel stressed as they would not be able to find what exactly they want. In most of the cases, navigation bars at the top of the screen ensure convenient search. After finding everything on top, they can go for deep-dive for products, as per their category. An e-Commerce website or app should be equipped with a robust search solution.

3- Keep Personalized

The best way to keep users engaged is to make websites more personalized. By implementing personalization, then you draw the user’s attention and make everything simple. They don’t need to go an overarching way, everything they need will be on the top layer.  It ensures the relevance of the offer. It’s somehow irritating if users see irrelevant content or products. eCommerce personalization shows that users are expecting more. It helps to increase conversion rate.

4- Integrate the Social Media

Today, every brand has its own social media presence, and companies are using these social media platforms for branding, promotion, and advertising. Big giants eCommerce companies also follow the social media platforms for selling their products as well. It would be better to have social media integration with your website to interlinked with your social media page.

Any product you wish to sell, you could share on the social media platforms. This will add value to your website, and help to bring more users to your website. Fashion & lifestyle, electronic accessories, etc. rely more on visual representation, therefore, bend inclination towards these platforms.

5- Product Details

Product detail is worth-important as the customer is not physically present to buy the product from the shop. In such a case you should place information about the product. You should not leave it blank. This will make your customers feel comfortable buying the products.

6- Forms of Social Proof

It would be better to showcase your brand’s excellence where product reviews and testimonials can be good choices. Adding a review tab can add value to websites and apps.

7- Use Scarcity & Exclusive 

It helps in decision making to buy a product as quickly if it’s tagged as an exclusive or limited offer. Somehow category-specific discount coupons can also play a significant role in buying a product online. While doing this, it will speed up the selling process of hot-ticket items. Discount leaves a good impression on the customers and allure them to buy a product. Scarcity is referred to as a finite number of products in the stock. Exclusive products and offers are completely to play with customer’s desire, however, it is good for increasing conversion rate.

Average E-commerce Conversion Rate 

If we talk about the conversion rate, then it somehow lies in between 2% to 5% in the case of a normal website. And jumping to more than 5% is said to be a massive hike. The big giant e-Commerce companies have an average eCommerce conversion rate of around 10-15%. Competition exists everywhere in the market, and an effective conversion rate whether it’s above or below average can be clearly seen in the business.  

Effective Conversion Rate

Effective conversion rate has its own impact on the sale, if the conversion rate drops to down it means the visitors who could be converting are declining. It impacts on the business as well.

Hopefully, you have become familiar with tactics of increasing the eCommerce conversion rates. BizBrolly is a well-known brand technology company in Noida that majorly deals in the IoT Apps, Mobile Apps, Website Design & Development, as well as Digital Marketing promotions. Since our inception, we have created too many eCommerce online shopping websites and apps encompassing excellent features such as social media integration, visually appealing design, high security of apps, scalability, etc. We aim to drive actions relevant to your business.


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