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Guide To Hire A Team of Remote Developers in India

Guide To Hire A Team of Remote Developers in India

Software development companies always engage in the development of websites and mobile apps which sometimes need an additional workforce to ensure the timely delivery & saving cost of projects. In such a challenging environment, the question “How to hire a team of remote developers?” becomes worth important.

Amidst fierce competition in software development, where lots of processes need to be executed efficiently to deliver the best software solutions, force us to check the alternatives apart from our on-site team of developers. Taking advantage of a remote team would be a better idea to deliver quality software. But for entrepreneurs, it’s not a piece of cake to get the best team of remote developers. Outsourcing of remote developers helps in many ways that we will see later. However, it would be better to understand that hiring a remote developer team means you are availing the services of development resources away or outside from the physical location.  Remote working companies can be a good choice for your business, as this can offer customized solutions under a strict timeline and budget.

It’s quite effective in terms of project accomplishment and offers you versatile options along with innovative as well as the experienced workforce. It accelerates the entire mobile or website app development process. Moreover, it’s beneficial to provide you, specialized professionals, for iOS and android app development, in case you are planning for mobile app development. Besides this, you can avail of the services of developers for Magento, Django, Angular JS, WordPress, or other technologies.

Advantage of Hiring  Remote Developers

Software companies strive to find the best resource to accomplish their projects on time, and this obligates them to hire professionals who are salaried employees in other companies or not. Let’s have a close look over the advantages of hiring remote developers in the software domain.

Increased Productivity

The biggest benefit that employers get is increased productivity. Generally speaking, remote workers work more passionately and highly productive as compared to those who are working in a regular office environment. A  remote agency is recognized for speeding up the work process, as they work according to your necessities. And they have the willingness to meet employer’s expectations therefore always more productive.


It’s interesting to know that hiring a remote developer can reduce the cost for employers. Where it leaves a big impact on the overall cost of software development. In comparison to current expenditure on the team, it might vary from a 40-60% reduction in the cost. Suppose a mobile app development company hires a programmer i.e iOS app developer or android app developer, for its project. The company would provide many more facilities to mobile app developer including computers, internet connections, furniture, etc. that will certainly sum up in investment. Instead of investing in programmers in-house, companies try to prefer outsourcing. This definitely saves the company money.

Save Time

The accomplishment of a project within a given time-frame is worth important, and it plays a significant role in building trust and reliability.  In case of urgent projects, where in-house resources seem to be inadequate then remote developers can add value even locating in different countries. They have the potential to boost the efficiency of the mobile app development company to finish the project successfully. Remote developers are always habitual of time utilization and work effectively to accomplish the project under a strict time limit.

Versatile and Problem Solving Resource

Remote developers carry vast experience and knowledge. They are full of advanced skill sets which can be beneficial as per the company’s needs. As they are the people who are associated with different companies across the globe, therefore could be equipped with an excellent working style that is adopted in their workplace. Moreover, they are more inspiring and passionate individuals who inherit zeal and enthusiasm. This can charge the entire in-house team with a fresh set of energy and motivation. In addition, it can be a good source of learning.

Mobile app development company can hire remote developers for its projects where cutting-edge technologies and different platforms are much needed.  Mobile app developers with expertise in various programming languages are easy to hire.

How to Hire Remote Developers –  A Step By Step Process

To hire the best developer for a project, it’s mandatory to adopt the best practices of hiring. As the developers will be at remote locations, therefore many more things could be ambiguous and uncertain to identify as compared to face to face interviews at the workplace. Let’s go through the process

Identify Requirement

It’s obvious that project requirements are the first to proceed for hiring. Decide whether it is essential to hire or not. If it seems that hiring is mandatory as available resources are not enough, then kick off the recruitment process.


We can find a list of competent applicants, shortlist and pre-screen the candidates after that make a hiring decision. Meanwhile, it’s not an easy task to hire the right candidates from remote locations. Screening becomes tougher. The interviewer is unable to see the body language of the candidate, and subtle changes in the tone. This can create a difficult situation to hire the best resource for the company. It’s hard to determine whether the candidate would be a good choice as per the company’s perspective.

Schedule an Interview Call

There could be different ways either company can go with a telephone interview or video call. As per its comfort. But here it would be better to go with the video calls, which are considered more effective and produce good results in the effective hiring of developers for the company.

Technical Competency

 To dig deeper or find out the proficiency level of the candidate, it’s good to go with a technical round. The technical team of the company can play a significant role to carry out this round. To know in-depth it would be better to give a trial project to the candidate. Programmers can also be tested on various degrees such as code quality, analysis skills, logical thinking, etc. And this company should use the best approaches, tools, and techniques.

Take Advantages of Online Website

It would be a great idea, to save time and money. There several online websites that can be beneficial to find and hire remote developers or programmers of various expertise levels.

Hopefully, you have received a small piece of information about hiring a remote developer.


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