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How to Get Investors for Your Mobile App

get investors for your mobile app

By Mobile App Development Companies, plenty of mobile apps are being launched in the market to serve different needs of users. However, building a mobile app is not a piece of cake; it takes lots of effort & resources. Here we will see how to get investors for your mobile app? In addition, app investors will help to convert an idea into reality investment. 

At every stage, you need funds that could boost the mobile app development process as well as its successful launch. You can show your brainpower, but investors will help to continue the process without fail. You think about a mobile app idea, and confident that it will work efficiently in the market. But you don’t have enough money to accomplish your goal. Every time you need money. In this section, we will try to find out the ways to get the attention of investors on your mobile app idea. 

There are different types of fundings, including pre-seed, seed, series A, B, and C. These types of funding are required at different stages. And it will be helpful to make apps reachable among the people as well as to manage everything. It will provide an uninterrupted fund supply to the mobile app owner, or initiator. In the upcoming section, we will tell you about how to find investors for app ideas for your business.

If we talk about the mobile app development market, we find that it’s worth around $106 billion worldwide. And it’s expected that the market size will hit $407 billion by 2026. Where the CAGR will be around 18%. Mainly two versions of smartphone platforms are competing these days. These are Android & iOS. The Google Play store holds around 2.9 million apps, and the Apple store holds 1.85 million available apps for iOS. 

Mobile app development companies are building different types of mobile apps for various domains, including – travel, transport, finance, banking, entertainment, sports, fun, games, e-Commerce etc. Each and every mobile application development passes through the different stages of development.

But if you’re a newbie or willing for startups, then it might be the biggest challenge for you how to get funds? You need to find investors for your business if you have an idea so that you could bring it on an appropriate platform.

Here it’s important that investors always like to invest in robust ideas that can drive fruitful results in many terms. Here in this section, we will explore the facts about how we can find investors for an app?

How to Get Investors for Mobile App 

Although you have an idea for a mobile app, it’s very important that you need to find an investor for an app idea. If you are looking for investors, then you will prepare yourself and must do research comprehensively, so that you could convince investors for investment. Let’s have a quick view of the best way to find investors.

  • Check the Viability of Your App Idea

Growing technology & mobile app development are making life easier for people. Today, there are maximum mobile apps available to accomplish your needs. If an idea hits your mind, then you should do proper research and try to find out whether this kind of app is present in the market or it’s something new that can provide users valuable benefits. Investors actually see the success opportunity of an idea. Therefore they will check odds of success. 

You will have to prepare yourself before presenting your idea to investors; therefore, it’s mandatory to examine the existing competition, identify the challenges and possible risks. You must also check how this will impact the life of the customers. One more thing that every investor will like to know, it’s ROI (return of investment). 

You will have to tell the mobile app investors how this mobile application will be good for making money? So you need to work hard on the target audience and different monetization strategies.

  • Excellent Presentation Pitch

Time-consuming & unnecessary speech may be ineffective to impress investors. Therefore it would be better to create an impressive pitch so that it could compel investors to think about your idea & investment. You can take advantage of online or may take the advice of experienced entrepreneurs about how to pitch an app idea before the investors.  

Basically, your pitch should be short and full of information. Within 30 seconds, you should be able to convey your objective, purpose, and features of the mobile app. Afterward, you can describe budget, project timeline and many more you would like to discuss with investors.

  • Branding is Important

Branding is important where it leaves a remarkable impression on customers, and allows them to know what you are going to deliver to them. However, here in this context, it’s pretty much helpful to put the foundation of future development. It would be easier to explain a finished product as compared to an idea. 

It can clarify everything that your customer will get by this. Suppose you wish to get the funding for a mobile app. Now, get the domain and design mockups and approach to the investors where you should explain the different dimensions of your idea. It will always need effort and thought for success. 

One more important thing that you should consider if you are facing challenges while branding then you should contact a development company that offers the consulting services to work, logo design etc.

  • Comprehensive Information & Presentation

If you are serious about finding the appropriate ways to get investors for your business, you should focus on the next level of the pitch for your business. After creating a pitch of small information, and presenting your app idea, it’s time to make a pitch that will provide detailed information about the project. Here the time limit is not restricted to 30 seconds. You will have ample time to explain everything in a detailed manner. 

You should be well prepared with the statistics, app features and associated functions, development cost, campaign strategy, cost of hiring etc. You will have to show your hard work and effort while utilizing the time. It would be better to prepare with the charts, statistics, data, branding and other points of mobile apps. Everything that you will present must be in balance. However, time is always an important factor. Investors remain busy. Therefore your presentation time should be under 20-30 minutes. 

  • An influencing Prototype

An influencing prototype is a better way to impress the investors. You should create a flat mockup, as well, must include the core features with vital app functionality. This will show your effort and dedication towards the project. This will give pre-experience to investors. And will assure them for a profitable investment. By interactive prototype, you can raise a mobile app fund for your app. An incredible prototype will be helpful to influence app investors.

Funding Rounds – An Introduction

Here you should be familiar with different types of funding rounds, as, at different stages, you will require funding from development to launch and post-launch. Finding investors for an app idea is not an easy task; you need to explore yourself more in the field of funding & wil have to understand different aspects of arranging money for your mobile app. It will be a good idea if you are well-versed with funding rounds before presenting your idea to the investors. At every round, find yourself in front of various investors that will play a significant role and have different interests. These funding rounds will help you a lot for the mobile app fund and will explain multiple interactions with each round.

mobile app funding stages


This is the first round of investment from where your app journey begins. This is very first when the app is in the concept stage, and there is nothing like a visual element present. In such conditions, mainly, you are the first investor. The prime objective is to create & develop something which is required for further investment. Basically, here you try to invest in research, founding a team and creating Demo, MVP etc. It will clear a path for raising funds for your mobile app.


This is the next round where ample things have gone established; however, a boost up fund is required. This stage attracts investors to raise funds in the app. At this stage, the mobile app didn’t launch & is under the development stage of design and functionality. Here your prime focus remains to get the fund for the research and hiring for the development. The investors at this stage are mainly at higher risks, and also known as the early-stage venture capitalists.

Series A

Now it’s time to discuss the series A funding, which is recognized for aligning business goals. Here you should have a clear vision of your concept and must have concrete understanding – what is happening in the market & what could be the market value of your product. This type of funding helps in raising funds for mobile apps more than the seed funding stage.

Series B and C

If you reach this stage of funding, then it will clear a path of success for you. Here you would be able to generate more funds for increasing team size and building companies from small to medium size. After this, it would be easy to increase the services and grow the business to the next level. Here, you will be able to go with the advertisement campaigns, and the development process will go side-by-side. The branding of the mobile app will not be a challenging one; you will have enough money to engage more users. The company will be introduced in the market with a healthy financial condition and can capture the attention of the customers.

Source for Funding & Investment

If you are looking for mobile app investors, nowhere in this section we will explore the different types of funding options for your mobile apps startups. But before going with any of the options, you will need to check out the policies in your country.

sources fr funding and investments

It’s a kind of self-funding where its prime objective is to raise funds according to your business. You can use your savings or can take money from your family or friends. In this type of investment, you don’t need to worry about repayment as you will have ample time to repay it. It would be best to get funding for an app at an early stage.

  • Bank Loans

It’s another best option for you. A well established and reputed Bank can help you in better ways. Your business plan should be enough for convincing the same. If you could not get the amount from the angel investors, then the Bank can be a saviour. The Bank will evaluate your business plan and, according to this Bank, will provide you with a total loan. You should prepare yourself, whether you would go with this option or not.

  • Angel Investors

 The person who helps you to get funds is like an angel; therefore, this is defined as the angel investment. They expect returns on their investment

  • Crowdfunding for Your App

You have heard about crowdfunding, if not. We will explain a little bit about crowdfunding. Basically, it’s a process to raise funds via. Internet, where it’s of three types – 1) investment funding, 2) Donation funding, and 3) reward-based funding. In the context of the investment funding – the business doers so-called entrepreneurs buy company equity, shares, revenue debt etc. 

After the investment funding, the entrepreneur will hold the ownership right as well as control of shares. On the other hand, donation-based funding generally deals with the people to raise funds for issues such as for disasters etc.

Android and iOS App Development

Mobile App Development Company mainly focuses on the development of the mobile app in two variants, including Android and iOS. Where these two versions require different sets of technologies & skill sets. Collectively for mobile app development, the technologies involved are – Swift, Kotlin, C++, Java, PHP. PhoneGap, RhoMobile, Flutter etc. To launch a successful mobile app, it’s important that you have a skillful team with good experience and knowledge. The mobile app developers and designers should be proficient in trending tools and technology.

BizBrolly – Mobile App Development Company

We are one of the growing mobile app development companies in Noida, having good exposure in the building of mobile apps & web applications. Since our inception, we have created a number of mobile apps for different domains, including – travel, transport, finance, entertainment etc. We have a cluster of skillful mobile app developers & website developers who can provide you with the next level of mobile applications.

In the above article, we have seen how to get investors for mobile apps & different types of fundraising techniques, which will help you a lot. 

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