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What are the most essential features that every E-commerce Application should have?


In general context eCommerce website is used for online shopping. And In the contemporary scenario, it’s expected that the eCommerce business will grow to US$ 200 billion in 2026, with an annual growth rate of 31%. Where the growth of industry increased due to the exponential usage of smartphones and the internet in India. The eCommerce platform offers the whole range of opportunities to increase your product’s sales and to achieve your sales targets. Its 24/7 convenient online shopping services keep it ahead from other modes of shopping. By eCommerce website, you can analyze the store’s performance with reports, would be able to find out the products and customer trends that can drive more sales. 

Globally, there are many software development companies involved in eCommerce website design and development services. Where they provide eCommerce Mobile App Development along with SEO and Digital Marketing services to grow your business with matrices. You can check the store’s performance with built-in analytics and other relevant information. When it comes to eCommerce Website Or Mobile App Development, it’s mandatory to know about the features, functionality and designs. Top eCommerce Website Development Company in Noida strive to provide essential features for an online store, so as to drive more traffic and business. 

Let’s discuss the essential features of eCommerce Application (Website / Mobile App) must have-

User -friendly

It’s important for an eCommerce website that it should be user-friendly to avoid unnecessary complexity. The prime objective of doing so is to help users shop faster without any hassle during the purchase. The website should also provide great user experience by adding the following features such as improved search facility, best categories selections, filters, and capabilities and many more.

Mobile Responsive Website

The major use of smartphones has changed the way of online shopping, where mobile shopping has gained 50% of online transactions. In a responsive website, the content is automatically adapt according to the device width. A mobile-friendly experience will drive more traffic and great shopping experience for shoppers, resulting in improvement in search engine ranking. Therefore an eCommerce website design and development must be in accordance with mobile responsiveness.

High-Resolution Photos & Video

As time moves much faster and changed everything to the next level. Today, a customer, before buying a product always wants to check the products from different angles and platforms. Therefore the photos of products and videos should be of high quality and resolutions so as to keep users engaged and allure them to buy the products. In addition, the loading time should be less so that the drop-off rate could be less. An eCommerce Website Design Company precisely works every feature associated with photos and videos on a Website.

Security Features

We pass through an online transaction process while buying a product, and there might be possibilities of breach of security by cybercriminals. Hence, an eCommerce Website or Mobile app should be fully equipped with eCommerce security features.

  • SSL Certificate
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Firewall
  • Privacy policy link in the footer

Advanced Payment Options

eCommerce websites must-have advanced payment options apart from the limiting payment options. The website must be capable of handling all payment modes and options such as credit card, PayPal, PO, terms, etc.

An Integrated Blog Section 

Blog and article section of an eCommerce website always provides relevant information about products, new launch, company’s growth or anything else that the company would like to convey to users. It’s very useful in the context of search engine optimization, to enhance the keywords ranking as well.

Optimized Shopping Cart

A shopping cart helps to purchase of a product or service. This is an integral and important part of an eCommerce website or mobile app, where it bridge the gap between online shopping and buying. It includes the following features.

  • It stores product information.
  • It facilitates the management of products, customers, and catalog.
  • It provides product information, categories, and information in regards to the site.

There are two options for eCommerce – A hosted and licensed shopping cart.

A complete shipping information

An eCommerce online store must have a clear and transparent shipping policy that should be displayed on the website. It is very important in building trust between an eCommerce company and customers.

Email & Social Media Integration

In the age of digital marketing, a website must have all relevant and important functions in relation to social media and email marketing.

e-Commerce Web / Mobile App Design and Development Process

If you wish to have an eCommerce website to fulfill all your business needs, then it should be developed precisely with an international standard development process. So that nothing should be spared, there are some key elements of an eCommerce website / mobile app design and development process:-

Information Gathering

It’s very important and initial stage of the development process or you can say it’s a discovery phase where all information related to eCommerce web /Mobile App development begins to gather. Key information which are to be collected by the project manager or business analyst is to understand the Client’s business requirements, target market, and customers before move further into the development process. A dedicated project manager / BA collects the information in the form of user stories.


After fetching the necessary information, the planning stage comes into the role. The website design is a vital part of launching a new website, and need to spend generous amounts of time too much time and research. In this stage, a discussion with the SEO team and with the entire eCommerce development team could be considered for more clarity. 

Review and Create SEO Strategy

In this stage, before moving further, it would be better to review and plan an SEO strategy because after completion of the development process the entire thing depends upon the SEO team to boost the website ranking and derive more traffic. In this stage, consult with the client on search terms in regards to business/industry and review the keyword volumes. Furthermore, audit the existing content, and make a list of SEO contents, etc.


eCommerce designers are visually creative and focussed on the user’s behavior and requirements, and try to make a website look stunning and user-friendly. eCommerce UI & UX designers help to improve the way users interact with elements. In a fierce competition age, an eCommerce website design company hires creative and innovative designers who could think out of the box to provide stunning Web & Mobile App designṣ. Attractive design always a plus point.


Ecommerce Website / Mobile App Development comes after the design process, where all functionality needs to work according to the business requirements. eCommerce Website / Mobile App Developers understand the business requirements and write code according to the business logic of the website. As per discussion with clients, tools and technology are mentioned in written documents, i.e. SRS or FRD. For eCommerce website development, there’re the best web tools for full-stack developers. And moreover, this stage could be more lengthy and time-consuming and need to update the client’s regularity. eCommerce Website / Mobile App Developer plays a vital role in this stage to accomplish the project.


Testing of software/website/ mobile app is always important because this can save a huge business loss, in case of software fails to perform according to business logic or having some sorts of failure. In this stage, functional and non-functional testing is being conducted by software testers. 


After successful completion of the testing process and covering of test cases, now it’s time to launch the website / mobile App.  


The website or mobile app always needs some sort of update or addition of new functionality or may have failures.

We’ve gone through the essential features of eCommerce Applications including web and mobile apps. We’re the key player in providing the Customer-Centric Intelligent e-commerce solutions for your business. We create feature-rich eCommerce web and mobile apps at the most competitive pricing. We’ve established ourselves as the fastest growing eCommerce Website Development Company in India, where a team of passionate Web and mobile app developers strive to create robust applications for you. We use trending tools and technology so as to provide a user-friendly website, and to increase sales growth & online visibility. We’re one of the finest mobile app development companies in Noida, having expertise in portal development, IoT, software development.

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