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Grow Your Business With A Mobile Application

grow your business with mobile application

The whole world has been merged in a small compact device, i.e. our mobile phones. Gone are the days when mobile phones were simply used as a mode of communication. Mobiles have become a soulmate for everyone. The usage of mobiles has crossed all barriers of class, age, and generation. Take a minute and think about how many hours a day you spend with your phone. The usage of mobile has reached this height with the development of mobile applications. Mobile applications are computer programs or software programs that are designed to run on our mobile devices. Today we have mobile applications for everything we can think of. There is a stream of applications flowing for anything and everything we need. 

The emerging trend of usage of mobile phones has taken the business to a new dimension. With the increase in the maximum hours a person spends scrolling mobile applications, only a mobile-friendly website would not serve the purpose of your business. An effective mobile strategy is the need of the hour to boost business growth. 

Building a mobile application for the large scale business is now an obsolete trend. The ease of building a mobile application for business has made it accessible to everyone from small scale business to medium enterprises. We can observe a huge uplift in the growth of the business by the use of various kinds of mobile applications. According to a study, 42% of small business owners already have built their apps, and 30% are planning to build their own applications in the near future. What are you still waiting for? Oohh I guessed it. You need to know the various benefits of building a mobile application and how it can serve you with your business growth. 

A business is nothing without its customers. Traditionally a lot of funds were used to reach out to the customers or for the marketing of our products and services. One of the various benefits of building and using a mobile application is the ease of accessing your customers and marketing your products and services. With the help of mobile applications, an e-store of your products/services can be built and displayed to your customers just at a click. Let us try to explore many more advantages of running our business through mobile applications.

  1. Strengthens the bond between the customer and business: Customers these days need everything at their fingertips. You are just a click away from your customer. The very minute customer thoughts of taking your services, the mobile app connects the customer to the services strengthening the bond between the two.
  2. Boosts operational efficiency: In any mobile application, all the processes from searching a product, its details, buying it, payment options all are inbuilt. The inbuilt processing of all the processes boosts operational efficiency. The customer does not need to wait for accessing the services.
  3. Reduces operational cost: The all in one mobile application, including the complete business processes reduces the need for manpower to a significant amount. It handles many areas of business processes like marketing, presenting the products, selling the product, making bills, tracking records, etc. Thus reduces the operational cost of the business.
  4. Enhances accessibility: We can reach a huge number of customers through mobile apps as compared with the traditional methods of marketing. If we go by the 2018 data, we have 2.958 billion active mobile social users globally.
  5. Builds a database of target customers: When any customers download the application or visit our e-store for purchasing our product, we can always ask for their data such as contact details and mail id. This helps us build a database of our target audience. 
  6. Aids in brand building: The mobile application has your logo and other details that present the identity of your business. When the customer visits your application many times, it leaves an imprint on his mind and helps you in a brand-building which the customer never forgets.
  7. Boosts income: With an increase in access to the customers, the mobile application for sure aids in boosting your revenue. 
  8. Customer feedback and trust-building: The customers are generally asked to share their experience and views about our products and services, which helps other new customers to have trust and rely on our services.

Many business owners have not yet realized the astonishing benefits of mobile applications. By 2022 annual mobile app downloads are projected to reach 258 billion. That’s a 45 percent increase from 178 billion downloads in 2017. If you want to dance to the rising tunes of your business and really want to scale up your business to a bewildering height, mobile applications can only be an answer. 

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