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BizBrolly’s 5th Anniversary – 15th September 2019


Corporate anniversary is “The Biggest Event” for an organisation where you communicate your experience and reliability. With all, an anniversary is a special day to recall its beginning and a reason for a grand celebration. Being a special occasion, Company’s anniversary is often attended by partners, customers, employees, invited media representatives, and more. Consequently, this is a very important day in the company’s history.

Likewise every organisation, BizBrolly has a special date to celebrate its corporate journey. And I’m  feeling great pleasure to explore more about BizBrolly’s 5th Anniversary which was to be held at Ascent Biz Hotel on dated 15th September 2019.

BizBrolly’s CEO and Founder, Mr. Arun Mishra warmly announced a “Grand Celebration” on the eve of completing the 5 years of excellence. Meanwhile, this was the time to acknowledge all the successes in all these years, and chance to express gratitude to the people who are involved in the success & growth of the company. And to make BizBrolly – a trustworthy IT company on the global platform.

Moreover, an anniversary is a day where all team members cordially meet with each other, and commemorate their corporate journey, how it all began, dream about the future and have fun.

Often, we celebrate many joyous occasions but this was going to be one of the most memorable in BizBrolly’s history. A brief about the event had already been told by our CEO, along with what to do and don’t guidelines. Before this Grand Celebration, all preparations were in full swing but in a concealed manner. All this was really exciting and surprising! And we all were set for the countdown.

For all of us, BizBrolly’s 5th Anniversary was going to be the momentous day that literally a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Meanwhile it would be better to say “BizBrollians worked hard to achieve this goal, and for this they deserve heartily appreciation

This might not be the right place to say this but would be vague if we don’t take note over this.Whenever it comes to a party, BizBrollians become crazy! But this time everyone was in a state of confusion while selecting their favorite outfits for  a perfect night party look. Since the announcement day, all they were in “Party Mode”.  Moreover – Act, Dance, CEO Speech, Ex-employee experiences, Mr. & Miss BizBrolly Competition and Awards ceremony were going to be silent features of this event. And everyone had to participate accordingly. It was good to see that everyone had a great feeling of enthusiasm and happiness for this “Grand Celebration”. 

Yet behind the curtain, there were few surprising elements for everyone.

Celebration Day

To make “BizBrolly 5th Anniversary”- a successful and memorable one, all possible arrangements were made by the organiser. Which included the decoration of the party hall based on corporate theme, and also facilitated with photography, videography, media reporters, DJ, and snacks to the main course, desserts and drinks. The venue was the perfect blend of elegance and technology, and also luxurious and stylish one. Meanwhile, ambience was mesmerizing to everyone.

BizBrollians Rocks

No matter! Whether it’s senior or junior, all BizBrollians were in high spirits. Tonight the craziest party would be thrown, and they were ready for this. They all had a sense of pleasure to become the part of this beautiful moment. At the same time, BizBrolly’s girls & boys quickly discovered their spaces to “Rock the Party!

Guests – Partners,  Ex-employees and All BizBrollians.

Opening Ceremony


While practicing our culture & rituals, lighting a lamp is considered as an auspicious ritual. This can create an ambiance of energy and positivity. Moreover before a ceremony it spreads divine grace.

Following the same, Mr. M Mishra & Mrs. Krishna Mishra inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp.

In playful manner ! Mr.Kshitiz Mudgal and Miss. Sugandha Pahwa were hosting the event. Where both of them were awesome.

Meanwhile, Miss. Sugandha invited Mrs. Madhuri Mishra to come on stage to share her valuable experience with all of us.

Mrs. Madhuri Mishra’s Speech

Mathuri mam Speech

An energetic and memorable speech was delivered by Mrs. Madhuri Mishra, where she recalled her journey before and after the BizBrolly’s inception. She told us – How it was difficult & challenging to start a company in lieu of quitting the job. Even we didn’t had any idea about the basics of the company . But Arun’s patience & hard work were appreciable, which helped him to overcome all barriers and problems. She also addressed to BizBrollians that we’re a family rather than employees & employer, and it means.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Mishra revealed a few inspirational facts about our CEO, which were really influential. She concluded her speech with a message “all of you’re under 50 and you’ve a great chance to make it big-fifty, please take the chance.

Pushkar & Shweta – A Spectacular Dance Performance



Both are BizBrolly’s newbies but breathtaking. It was good to see them, how they were deeply engaged in their dance performance. Their dance moves had captured the essence of the music while winning our hearts. Since beginning to end, they were focused, captivating, and full of energy. At the end of their stunning performance, they were rewarded with  a big round of applause for their effort this evening. It was a great day for these two newcomers.

Jocular Performance by Team Leads

“Laughter is the best medicine”, therefore comedy is incredibly important for everyone. Furthermore, comedy holds the power of changing human moods.

Also I would like to say that as per my point of view, this was one of the best performances during the entire event.

During this  performance, all team leads had shared their experiences with BizBrolly and Arun Sir, but all in a humorous way. Meanwhile, design team TL was able to magnetize the audience by his comical expressions. In between the performance, laughter, hooting and applauding were on peak. 

All our Team Leads were in  full swing while performing this act. Even though they had no prior experience for such kinds of performances but all they succeed to manage this act. May be this was their hidden talent. The audience liked it very much and honored them with a standing ovation.

Ex-Employees Experiences

On the stage !

One of the former BizBrolly’s employee Miss. Shruti shared her memories and experiences with BizBrolly, she said BizBrolly is like her second family, and every member of BizBrolly either it’s junior or senior is equally important. From client interaction to technology learning, there’s a great opportunity for everyone. And it was a wonderful experience to be a part of BizBrolly family.

Later on Mr. Kshitiz and Miss. Sugandha shared his old days memories with Miss. Shruti.

Now it was turn for Mr. Gaurav (Former IOS Developer), he gently explored that “when he joined the company there were only four members and Sugandha was trainee for me. When I joined BizBrolly, I got a new experience of client handling. It was a different kind of task for me but I really enjoyed the same and took this as a challenge. I am very thankful to BizBrolly for giving me such a great opportunity.”

Here Miss. Sugandha added few words she said “Gaurav was a good mentor and I have learnt a lot from him including iOS. Not only this, he gently tolerated me a lot”

Now Mr. Kshitiz louded in a humorous way, Let me go to another Jain Sahab. Shubham Jain, he is my friend” It was a little bit funny. On the stage, Mr. Shubham gently spoke about BizBrolly he said “I learnt a lot in BizBrolly, and today where I positioned is just because of BizBrolly. I joined the BizBrolly as a fresher under the mentorship of Arun Sir. He guided him so well as parents guide their children. He appreciated Arun Sir’s Patience, and regret that in future he would not have a mentor like him.”

Fresher’s Act – A Rocking Performance !

freshers act

It’s good to say that “acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”

 We all were curious to see our fresher’s act, and as expected they rocked once again after their stunning dance performance. The act was based on corporate lifestyle for which they worked hard which was paid off. They performed in a professional way with great comic timing and expressions which made us laugh.

Every dialogue was a complete laughter dose with full of entertainment. 

In between, BizBrollian were not sitting in peace. They were hooting and whistling but in a manner to encourage our freshers. There was a feeling of happiness and joy everywhere.  At the end, they were also rewarded by a big round of applause.

Funny Awards

Social Butterfly Award:- Won by Miss. Vaishali

Most Piyakkad Award:- Mr. K. M

Snacks King Award:- Mr. Udit Khadelwal

Most Silence: – Mr. Ravi

Most Jugadu Award:- Mr. Mohit Gupta

Appreciation Awards

Fighter Award:- Won by Mr. Udit Khandelwal

Excellence Award:- Won by Mr. Udit

Pinnacle Award:- Won by Miss. Sugandha Pahwa

Wow Award:- Won by Pragya Madam

Rockstar Rookie Award:- Won by Rashika

CEO Speech  


 On this special day, Mr. Arun Mishra the CEO & founder of BizBrolly, shared his memories, aspirations and triggers. It was good to listen to him, It was an inspirational speech that was connected with the moral and ethical values. 

In his speech,  he mentioned about the barriers and struggles faced by him during the initial phases of the company. Meanwhile he gave us two examples of Indian Army, and said to us that you guys should not underestimate yourself- you’ve the potential to do the BEST. He concluded his speech by three success mantra – commitment, discipline and shared responsibility.


iOS / Android Team – Funny Dance


Team spirit is not just  two words but it’s a feeling of pride and loyalty.

In fact this was a funny dance but this performance enticed to all audience. They stepped with the beat and  showed off their silly side with group moves. It’s hard to describe every dance step but in one line I can say only – All dance steps were genuinely funny and iconic. These guys were really amazing !

Once again, in between the performance whistling, hooting and applauding took its pace. And like every time, entire party hall echoed with the big round of applause.

Mr. and Miss. BizBrolly Contest

After a tough nomination,  Miss. Vaishali & Mohd. Parvez were crowned first Miss & Mr. BizBrolly 2019 title respectively.

Party Time  – Gear up to lose yourself

Now the time had arrived for the party hard!  Drink, dine, dance, and died down the hardcore party animal in you. BizBrollians set themselves for this where they enjoyed the well-blended cocktails, home-brewed beers, soft drinks, and satiated their hunger with a delicious array of dishes.  When the music turned on their entire body began moving to the beat. Everyone forgot himself in the zeal of dancing on the dance floor. Enthusiasm, excitement and more energy were encouraging them to do so.

It would be nice to say “BizBrollians created memories that would last forever with a party no one will forget!”

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