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BizBrolly 31 Dec 2015

Best Tech Startup Tools in the year 2015

Over the last year, we at BizBrolly have grown from the league of Startups to a steady and growing enterprise.

It has been a year of learning new things and helping our clients along the way. It has been such an exciting time discovering the newest technological advances and bringing them out to the market. In this process, we have also realised that there are some really amazing tools that support businesses.

Here are some of our favourite Tech Startup Tools in 2015  —

Bitbucket is a web-based hosting service for projects that use either the Mercurial (since launch) or Git (since October 2011) revision control systems. Bitbucket offers both commercial plans and free accounts. Used for distributed development, this tool certainly helps small teams code, manage and collaborate. Many StartUp companies swore by this in 2015.

It depends on the environment you’re cultivating, but if you’re about ultra-transparent teamwork, there’s no better tool than Trello. The visual nature of the platform makes it highly flexible, highly collaborative and great for small teams. We love it for prioritisation standards. Now, at any moment, any team member knows the exact top priorities of the team.

Buffer is an amazing tool for scheduling social media posts. With Buffer you can write all your updates in one place and post them out to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and App.net. You could also schedule posts for later in the week, and a couple of weeks after to reach people who may have missed it the first time round.
A similar platform, known as Hootsuite too is widely used.

With a free version for entrepreneurs, Zoho is a web-based CRM software especially designed to increase your real-time knowledge about your business. Especially powerful is its forecasting feature, which allows you to understand the behaviour of different tracked elements and forecast sales. Many tech star-ups are set to benefit widely from this.

If you haven’t heard of Slack by now, then we’d be surprised. Slack is a team communication platform. What makes Slack so useful is the integrations you can setup with other services. The CONTRAST Slack channel pulls in tweets which mention us or our products, notifies us of MailChimp subscriptions and TypeForm submissions.

A prototyping tool created for designers, by designers. It allows you to quickly and easily create interactive mock-ups for your designs.
We hope that these StartUp Tools help you just as much as they have benefited us. Keep an eye out for some for of the trends for 2016, right here on BizBrolly.


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