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Best Parental Control Apps for Android and iOS in 2020

parental control apps

Today, smartphones have raised concerns about kids monitoring while using mobile phones. It has become indispensable to keep your kids safe from viewing objectionable as well as disagreeable websites along with chatting with creeps. Here we would like to introduce the best parental control apps for android and iOS devices which will help to rein over the kid’s activities in the course of smartphone usage.

It’ll always help you and your kids meanwhile keeping the unnecessary problems at bay. These parenting apps for smartphones are built to ensure all-round tracking and monitoring of your kids, to whom they are talking, communicating and prevent them to see restricted content moving on the internet. Additionally, these apps help them to know their limits and make them aware of malicious activities which might prove to be dangerous. Parental control apps also play a significant role in the delivery of a series of instructions about “What to Do & Don’t”.  It’s genuinely a panacea for hatred and nasty contents.

World’s top-notch mobile app development companies aspire to create high-security apps having the potential to block and restrict undesirable content with the help of advanced technologies. AI uses can drive the fruitful results beforehand content published online or if published can restrict them with utmost accuracy.

Now let’s discuss a few android and iOS parental control apps.

Net Nanny Parental Control

Zift/Net Nanny is one of the most efficacious parent control apps having robust web-filtering technology. It’s enriched with complete protection for kids while using the android, iOS, Mac, or Windows devices. 

Net nanny is a one-stop mobile app with features such as kid’s location tracking, blocking of undesirable apps to download, social networking monitoring, site blocking, displaying the history, set time limit, etc. Since its creation and availability, worldwide many users have downloaded the application for their kids’ safety while using their smartphones. 

Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier falls under the category of most liked & downloaded parental control apps. Soon after its release, this application has become the prime choice of parents who wish to keep their kids safe online.

This android app is equipped with all features you want i.e. time scheduling, unauthorized site blocking, location tracking, etc. Here, it must be noted that this app does not allow text message monitoring & app management so far, especially for the iOS version. 


Rated as the finest & more reliable multi-platform app having simple, clean and user-friendly features. It protects your child and builds a safe and productive environment while going online. It’s featured with excellent parental controls – including the games & app control, adult content restrictions, scheduling and monitoring of kids’ activities. Moreover, it blocks the restricted sites. Besides other apps, its android version allows monitoring and blocking kids’ calls. 

It’s pretty much helpful to manage and limit screen time. You can experience better kid’s security by purchasing any of its plans i.e small, medium and large. It’s well known for providing full visibility and well-being of your family. In addition, it works efficiently and seamlessly on different devices and platforms including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops.


Among the list of the best parental control software, OurPact is the most trusted parental control software having the potential to control kid’s online activity. This application possesses the outstanding features of screen time schedule as well as block or grant to the internet. It has cross-network parental control for both versions of apps including iOS and Android. Its premium features cover up to 20 mobile devices. 

Geofencing with places makes it a typically elegant mobile app for parents where they receive specific location alerts. There are certain add-on features such as New App Alert, Family Locator, Phone Tracker, Kid Tracker, Block Texting and app rules which are enough for you to choose for your kids’ safety.


MMGaurdian has set the benchmark in parental control mobile apps where it’s an Artificial intelligence-based parental control app having almost every feature you want. According to sources it has scanned over 2 billion texts since 2012 and raised more than 1.5 million alerts last year. It’s competent to receive alerts for malicious and objectionable pictures, texts, thought process and anti-social content.

MMGaudian is available for both Android and iOS versions. Where it provides detailed information about web browsing, phone activities and messages. It allows you to control and manage your apps including – social media apps such as WhatsApp, FB, Instagram and restrict children to excessive usage of games and social media apps. Moreover, its SMS and Call blocking facility help in preventing the influence of the outer world.

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