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3 Reasons Why Professional Services IT Transformation Projects Go Wrong

You can’t win the race by standing still. Professional services firms, much like BizBrolly, need to innovate constantly to stay ahead of their competition. Unfortunately, the sector isn’t immune from bad decision-making and, too often, the best intentions of project managers turn into career-limiting IT disasters. Here’s a rundown …Continue reading


Brexit: The impact on the Indian IT Industry

So, it happened. And the world must deal with. On 24th June, the world witnessed one of the most powerful nations in the world, fall into a temporary phase of unrest— socially, economically and politically. I use the word temporary, merely for my optimistic attitude towards what could only …Continue reading


Five Point Series: 5 tips for delivering game-changing IT projects

The future of your business depends on IT.   You definitely want to deliver innovative IT projects that put you ahead of game. But bugs, delays and feature shortfalls can leave you playing catch up. Don’t like the game? We at BizBrolly have found you the solution. Here are …Continue reading

start-up tools

Best Tech Startup Tools in the year 2015

Over the last year, we at BizBrolly have grown from the league of Startups to a steady and growing enterprise.   It has been a year of learning new things and helping our clients along the way. It has been such an exciting time discovering the newest technological advances …Continue reading

Business Analysts

What Data Analysts expect from IT: Part 2

Businesses can only thrive successfully when all stakeholders are equally excited about data analysis as the analysts in the team. For an organisation to be data-driven, Analytics must permeate as a value within the organisation. Understanding data and using the results to drive business action is only a good …Continue reading

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