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Author: Arun Mishra

Teamwork @ BizBrolly

Why Teamwork is Important?

Why is it really? When anyone starts out their own venture, what really encapsulates the business at its very cores are the people that currently associate themselves to it and those that will in the future aspire to associate with it. When BizBrolly was on still on the whiteboard, …Continue reading

work smart

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Arrive home on Friday, tired, and feel that the weekend is more a respite from the week ahead, rather than an opportunity to live. – An average employee Many will unfortunately relate to this, and it’s because of the nature of one the most important parts of their life. …Continue reading


5 Ways to Motivate your Team

You are only as good as your team. Great companies may be identified by their leaders, but it is the team that runs the business. As a leader of the pack, it is your responsibility to identify any impediment that your team, or for that matter, your individual members …Continue reading

going online

Do you still go online in 2016?

What does ‘going online’ actually mean. Do you still go online? Quite a question. When we at BizBrolly began to think about a blog article for this week, we sat with a whiteboard and brainstormed on how we could make it more relatable to our audience, how can technological …Continue reading

Launching a tech company

Launch Tech Company without Technology

Wait. What? Did I read that right? How can you launch tech company without technology?   As a founder of a start-up company, is it really possible to launch a tech business without building the technology first? A lot of companies have the tendency to get out there, launch …Continue reading

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