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The Impact of Automation

Will machines overthrow humans?


The much talked about scenario right out futurists novels and comics from the 1980s and 1990s— will it play out its course, or will the information technology industry take control of the how Automation will impact the industry, positively?


In the past few years, 7 out of 10 corporate executives suggest that they are making significant investments in the development of artificial intelligence— with over 55% off them indicating the move to using Machine Learning and adapting to AI solutions effectively. With advancements, such as these, the fear is that while Artificial Intelligence will bring radical increases in efficiency in industry, for many ordinary people this will translate into unemployment and uncertainty, as their human jobs are replaced by machines.


However, there is most certainly, a different way to look at this. Instead of focusing on how machines could perhaps replace humans, it is imperative that organisations around the world, should create scenarios where people work alongside them. The point of concern then is no longer ‘machine vs. human,’ but rather ‘machine and human.’


What is worth considering is that people’s skills will be constantly evolving and not static. Each new technological development creates roles that were previously unheard of a decade before. For example, the Twitter and Facebook’s unprecedented revolution has led to the creation of tens of thousands of social media experts and even entire agencies dedicated to a new business need. Our future generations will be doing jobs that haven’t even been invented yet! Isn’t that completely bizarre! Similarly, with automation, especially within the IT function particularly, IT managers will need to think about how they adapt to managing automated processes rather than organising their functions. This is massive shift in mindset, but it will gradually lead to greater opportunity for more highly skilled and varied job roles.


Automation conflict
The Conflict in Automation


The immediate challenge therefore is to ensure that there is a proper support in making this shift in view of a near future AI-driven workforce and re-skilling your workforce to adapt to changes in roles and responsibilities. To do so, workers must be given the tools they need to succeed, and this starts with education. Educating the workforce about how automation can result in more enjoyable, strategic, and creative job roles, and how it will bring more productivity and increased revenues, must be a priority.


The Impact of Automation therefore will be transitional, more than simply an outright replacement. How much real impact it will create has been in the past few years been incessantly quoted, analysed and discussed. As we progress into the technological future, it is an impending task for each business, irrespective of their business sizes, to make a positive effort towards enabling the workforce today to adapt to what the future awaits.




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