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Conflicts at Work and How to Handle them

Conflicts at workplaces are not always a bad thing.

There are trying times when you really do not get along with the best of people. Ideologies clash, egos are misplaced, and at most times, the quality of work suffers. Unintentionally, even the most mild-mannered of us can find ourselves in heated disagreements that can be uncomfortable. But, conflict doesn’t necessarily need to be a negative energy drain. It can also work to your advantage.

Good bosses can most certainly have you propel your career in the right direction. However, there are some who we all know, are just simply are not cut out to be great, inspiring leaders. But, what can be largely accepted is that if managed and perceived properly, healthy conflict between any two people can actually lead to greater results.  Here’s how you can use conflict to your benefit—


Be Fact-Oriented

Making baseless assumptions are unhealthy, and perhaps the cause of conflicts in most situations. If you are able to effectively communicate, chances are you will discover a lot more about various situations and learn how to resolve them, without blaming others.


Focus on the Bigger Picture

Workplace conflicts arise from people getting bogged down by the details and forgetting the fact that you and your co-workers are on the same team. Take a moment and think about the bigger picture. Why are you at work today? What are your team’s priority initiatives—and why? How do you help make your customers’ lives better?


Question Why You Feel the way you do

If a team member is expressing anger because they think a project should be moving in a different direction, it’s important to first realise that they care about the outcome but it’s also important to understand that they are probably feeling under appreciated. Instead of rolling your eyes, try showing some compassion and gratitude for their work and commitment. If you were in their shoes you might be feeling under-appreciated as well. Use the conflict to build a better relationship.


Don’t Settle for Mediocrity

You can’t put a Band-Aid on a bullet hole. Well, you can but it doesn’t solve the issue. If there’s a serious team conflict, spend some time thinking about how you can best address it. What will your solution change? Which concerns will be left unaddressed? Whose work will be most affected—and why? Don’t let the cause of the conflict slip away unnoticed. It could give you insights that you’d never see from a harmonious team.


A harmonious workplace—all smiles and laughs—is a fun place to be. However, conflict is often what leads to improvement because in the disagreements that ensue, the road to growth and improvement is revealed.

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